Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Scissors!



Today has officially been renamed "Happy Scissors Day."

Steven is so happy to have the itchy sutures out.

We were all happy that the cerebral spinal fluid had stopped pooling under the skin.

Steven was happy that the physicans assistant who removed the sutures looked around the office for the sharp scissors instead of relying on the dull ones.

Steven and I were both happy that the "under the skin" sutures are disolvable, as there were many, many, many of those maybe 70?!? The "above the skin" sutures, the ones that needed to be clipped and tugged, only totaled 13.

Steven was happy to hear that physical restrictions only last July 4th - one month post-op.

I was happy to have a follow-up plan, as we had not been told up to this point what to do next! We will have a follow-up MRI and visit with Dr. V on the 11th of September, thus giving the bruised and battered brain a chance to heal before we scan.
September 11th...less than a month into college...but most kids miss a day here or there, right?

We were both happy to learn that the mesh inserted into the back of the skull is very future soccer playing is fine!
(After July 4th, of course!)

Steven was all too happy to have a haircut after the stitches were removed!

I am so happy that he seems to be embracing the scar this time.

Friday, June 22, 2007
Happy Scissor Day


Britt-Arnhild said...

And I am so happy to read that you are happy :-)

tongue in cheek said...

Great News! Happy is the word! My prayers for many more happy days


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