Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Top Two Reasons

To Be a Neurosurgeon

1. Saving lives.

2. $12,730.00


one blue egg said...

Oh gosh, I'm so touched by your pages and will keep your babe in my prayers. and will continue reading all about him...I am also going to add your link to my page because I so believe in spreading the word and spreading the prayers! nice to meet you Bev!

I'm glad you visited me today and found something that reminded you of a simpler time in life:)

marla said...

And worth every dime...

Always thinking of you and your family.

Beverly said...

Yes Marla, worth every dime and millions more!

tica said...

Have you ever thought of asking to be on Oprah? Seriously.

Beverly said...

Oprah would be great! I would love to tell a story about not being afraid of anything...However, that would be stretching my comfort zone just a bit more, because I'm not even sure how to approach Oprah!

Maybe I'll send an email with the blog address attached!

Thanks for the support!


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