Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Wishes

from the trenches

Steven has been very dizzy for over two weeks now. This dizzy feeling that he has been talking about for the past two years now seems to be a daily thing...all day long. The new frequency and severity of this feeling has even caused Steven to change positions while laying down, as if moving will alleviate the feeling.

And in two years of this he has never complained. About anything.

This morning he held his head and said, "I feel miserable...I just don't want to feel like this anymore."

Oddly enough, since he hasn't been unsteady on his feet, I've been wondering if we should keep this May appointment with the local nuerosurgeon. I've been thinking that we shouldn't take any of the very valuable time of this doctor when we know that surgery isn't needed until more symptoms appear. And yet...

Now he is feeling miserable. Daily. All day long.

...when I ask Steven if he feels that he should keep this appointment, he answers with a definite, "Yes!"

Amid my mental floundering, I can only wish.
One wish.
For today.

1. I wish for a cure.
A pure and simple cure. Forever.

Oh yes, and I also wish that reporters would know their facts before they write articles and emails. Seriously, I contacted the writer of the "Hatfield and McCoy" article, and she emailed back to me...with some very strange and inaccurate thoughts about VHL. But that's another story.

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