Friday, April 20, 2007

Life Expectancy

Within hours of being home from the hospital on March 1, 2005, I began researching information on von Hippel Lindau disease. Over and over the words "life expectancy" kept jumping out at me, and the number attached to those words shocked me. After about a week of reading information that wanted to cut my son's life in half, I decided to ignore. Plain and simple, I refused to let that number be part of our lives. I haven't ever talked about life-expectancy since that first week, and only a few and select individuals actually heard a number during those dark and dreay first days.

It's an arbritray number, based on a disease that has no set rhythm or pattern.

Steven's been having a rough time lately with the dizziness. He and David were running last night, because physical activity is their ultimate release. It seems that the dizziness overtook Steven mid-stride as he looked to the right, and he fell into David.

No injuries to report, but one very upset boy lunged to the couch upon entering the house and let loose a few frustrated words.

A few minutes later Steven had calmed down, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to talk with Steven about some really important truths of life.

No one really has an easy life, despite appearances.
God has gifted Steven.
In so many ways, he really is a lucky boy.
Steven can't let a fear of falling keep him from living his life.
Nobody should.
Nobody really "lives" if they dwell on adversity.
We'll fix this.
To the best of our ability, we'll fix this.
And, of course,
I'll always be around to pick Steven up.

And I went to bed last night thinking about life expectancy. In light of the tragedy of the past week, it' so obvious that the number of years you have is already determined. It's set in stone. But those kids probably expected to live another 52.5 yeras. That number, your life expectancy, just seems so random and arbitray.

But a life lived well...that is so deliberate.

It's a choice friends

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