Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Wishes

from the trenches

A sweet young mother in our community flew with the angels this past Sunday, after a long and well-fought battle with breast cancer.

Today was her celebration of life, and last night we had the privilege of visiting with her family and sharing stories of this woman's short but sparkly life.

Last night, while I was honoring this beautiful woman, my children were with the grandparents. They were watching "Happy Feet" with Nuni and Pap. While on the drive back, I called Nuni and Pap's house to let the kids know that I was on the way. They begged to stay and finish the movie with their favorite "old timer", and I reluctantly said yes. I really wanted the kids home. After visiting with this young mother's family, I was tired...I was spent...and I felt the need to gather my kids and just be home. My children, however, had other ideas...ideas involving lots of soft drinks and a total disregard for bedtime. I relented, and they stayed.

This morning, at 11:40, I was called out of my classroom to receive a phone call.

Pap was in critical condition in a hospital emergancy room after having had a heart attack.

I was able to visit Pap in the ICU this afternoon. I have very few medical details to pass on about Pap, partly because I know so little right now and also because I don't really have permission to pass on that private information via the internet. I will tell you that it looks every bit as critical as it sounds.

So, in my weary, tired and spent state, all I can do is wish.

1. I wish for a cure for cancer.

2. I wish for peace and love and everything wonderful for Wendi's husband and three young children.

3. I wish for many, many, many more "past-the-bedtime-and-high-on-sugar" movie nights for my children and Pap.

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diary of a genetic defect said...

We have been given a gift of life and i think maybe we are the lucky ones because we get just how important that is. Thinking of you


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