Sunday, January 14, 2007

File This One Under "Tough"

Five and one half weeks after the break,

and just four and one half weeks after having the titanium screw inserted,

Steven has decided that crutches are over-rated.
(They are now sitting in the corner of his room, collecting dust along with his fracture boot, which he ditched about a week ago.)

Still, I was a bit shocked to find him dribbling and juggling a soccer ball around the house tonight!

Seeing the look in my eyes, he said, "I'm resilient."

That you are Steven...that you are.

Strong and Brave?

But smart?
Maybe not.

Discarding the crutches and boot has been done without a doctor's blessings.

That is one follow-up visit that I will not attend!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Way to go Steven! I think that sometimes, you know your own body better than a doctor does, so I'll bet he's ready to be without the crutches and boot. Maybe the doctor won't give him too hard of a time.


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