Monday, December 04, 2006

Double Negative

Is Always a Positive

David and Mary both tested negative for von Hippel Lindau.

I wasn't really worried. Because I tested negative and Dale shows no symptoms nor family history of this disease, the odds were on our side this time. I wasn't sweating at all...

...until I realized that I had twenty minutes to spend in a very quiet and reserved adult waiting room with David.

At one point, and my stories are always true, David looked at me and whispered, "The pregnancy center lady came to our health class today. She answered a lot of my questions."

He was smiling at me.

I walked away.

When I returned to my chair with magazines for both of us, David continued. He laid his fifteen-year-old head on my shoulders and smiled sweetly.

"Tomorrow she's bringing pictures."

That is worry enough!


diary of a genetic defect said...

i'm so pleased for you all

Thanks for your supportive message, from one mum to another!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your kids tested negative for VHL. Both of mine tested positive. I don't get the unfair distribution of this disease....but what can you do?


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