Thursday, October 12, 2006


Of a Different Kind

Today I met a kindred spirit...someone recently thrust into the world of sons and genetic mayhem.

It was so nice to talk to someone who understands "FOREVER."

It was nice to vent about things that have been said to me...because this world of tumors and cancer and genetics isn't easy, at all, and anything on the brainstem isn't really benign, and so few understand the "foreverness"...and not feel guilty or ungrateful.

It was great to know that my frustrated feelings about Steven's situation being SO unusual and unique in not a great way...are the same feeling that other parents in the same situation feel.

It was helpful to share stories of getting teary-eyed over special events and everyday happenings in the lives of these unique boys.

It was nice to shared our pride without sounding boastful...because we understand.

Parking Lot Therapy.

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