Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Always Knew

that the plate would be good for something

Mary and I were watching "The Amazing Race" in her room tonight.

Just a plain and simple television with cable, no remote, barely any reception.

Tonight I brought in a set a rabbit ears, and we fiddled and faddled with those metal prongs until we had a respectable picture.

Then Steven walked in the room, bent his head to the left, and the neat and clear picture went fuzzy. He backed out of the room slightly, straightened his head, and the picture became clear once again.


"Now that's what I call a titanium plate!"

David followed, bent down close to the television and smiled brightly.


"Now that's what I call a mouth full of metal!"

Silly boys!

(David has only a retainer left...and I hate to break it to Steven, but the television went blurry when I stood in that part of Mary's room also!)

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