Thursday, August 17, 2006

We're Off

Steven and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for his 6 month visit to NIH.

Steven decided that he needed a new pair of shoes for this adventure. I asked him to run a few errands, as long as he was out and about. Steven needed to pick up some travel size shampoo and toothepaste and put gas in the car. I also asked him to pick up a prescription for me.

Steven seriously questioned whether or not a pharmacy would give him medication that was prescribed to me. I reassured him that Dale and I pick up all kinds of medicines prescribed for many different people. (Just in our own family, of course!) He wanted to know if the debit card would work at Walgreens. Of course. He wanted to know what time the pharmacy closed. I could tell he was very unsettled by this task when he asked again if they would really give him a bottle of blood pressure pills that are intended for his mom. One last time, I reassured him that everything would work out fine.

David, of course, was with Steven.


This was the story that was relayed to me:

Steven went to the counter to get my medicine. The woman behind the counter asked for my birthdate. I'm sure my shy and nervous son was sweating bullets, because he forgot my birthday! He turned to David, lounging in one of those back massage/vibrating chairs, and asked David for that particular information.

David, my non-shy and never self-consiuos son, bellowed in a huge, deep, vibrating voice, "I-I-I-I-I ha-a-a-a-ve no-o-o-o i-i-i-dea-a-a-a-a-a-a. Le-e-e-e-eave me-e-e-e a-a-a-lo-o-o-one whi-i-i-i-le I-I-I vi-i-i-i-bra-a-a-a-te,"

Steven has promised that he will never run errands for me again!

Tomorrow will be six months since Steven's last scan. This is the longest that I have gone without seeing the inside of his brain since Feb. 2005.

I'm a little curious as to what will show on this scan...It seems to me that senioritis and I-really-need-a-car-itis has altered some stuff up there!

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